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Cloud Cost Management

Achieve cloud cost accountability and manage your cloud spend

Create accountability on cloud spending

Cloud makes resources and other computing demands available over the internet as per needs. Nuvento’s cloud cost management is about tracking these cloud services-linked expenses and maintaining it in line with actual demand. We help businesses understand the precise cloud services they are paying for while choosing from SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS for their business. With our cloud cost management services, we enable your business with well-organized cloud service usage.


Our cloud cost management services will list out reasons for cloud spend on applications/infrastructure. Nuvento ensures the practice of cloud cost control by checking cloud infrastructure usage, estimating and decreasing the resources causing cloud spend. We also help businesses in saving costs for on-premise applications. We make recommendations that would ensure optimal cloud resource utilization.

Our Cloud Capabilities

Cloud cost visibility

Accountability and transparency are very important in cloud cost visibility for businesses to stay in budget. This is enabled by maintaining accuracy and time spend on cloud data, particularly for a thorough understanding of multi-cloud spend. Nuvento can enable cloud cost visibility for your business to make fact-centric, well-timed decisions of cloud usage

Cloud cost allocation

We help you implement an asset tagging structure for better cloud cost allocation. Initially we frame a clear picture of business assets, tag the assets, and remove/add assets based on the tag status. Through various cloud cost management practices, our team sets financial goals, boosts a cost-conscious culture, and meets financial targets for your business.

Cloud cost optimization

Nuvento has best practices to reduce the overall cloud spend by tracking mismanaged and unused resources. Our team will eliminate the identified idle resources, save capacity for higher price cuts, deploy heatmaps for analyzing cloud demand, analyze multi-cloud vs. single cloud for business and right-size cloud services for optimizing cloud spend.

Cloud governance

Our team creates a comprehensive cloud governance model for optimizing cloud cost. We frame a set of protocols and policies that businesses must follow which can be accomplished through phases like awareness, early adoption, and mature adoption. These policies cover controlling cloud costs, deploying optimal assets, controlling access, increasing efficiency, and cutting cloud security issues.

Why your business needs cloud consulting

You’re not good at budget forecasting

Budget forecasting is a complex procedure involving procedures, expertise, and correct data. Also, different cost models associated with different cloud offerings make the supply-side forming difficult.

You’re unable to recognize your charges

Billing practices and invoices provided by the cloud service providers vary regularly. Cost optimization efforts will go below par if the billing components is unclear.

Your cloud allocations are improper

Businesses must understand the resources that they will require. Improper allocation of cloud resources by the cloud provider can be a serious threat to businesses.

Inability to create drill-down cost analytics

The inability to create drill-down cost analytics even after detailed analytics will result in unnoticing areas where costs are high and making the cloud cost reporting erroneous.

Poor application architecture design

Cloud cost will only go up if the business selects a poor application architecture design for the workload. This usually happens when teams are under time restrictions.

Frequently Asked Question 

What is cloud cost management?

Cloud cost management or cloud cost optimization is the planning that favors enterprises in making the optimal decisions regarding managing costs and rightsizing resources with the cloud technology. Cloud cost management helps in recognizing cost-effective ways for maximizing cloud usage and output.

Which are the different cloud cost management strategies?

Businesses can leverage several strategies to manage cloud costs. Some of them are rightsizing, auto-scaling, removing unused instances, power scheduling unimportant instances, discount instances, and organizational strategies.

What are the advantages of cloud cost management?

The main advantages of cloud cost management are reduced costs, better forecasting, efficient practice, boosted performance, and improved visibility and accountability.

Which are the different cloud cost optimization tools?

Top cloud cost management tools are Azure Cost Management + Billing, AWS Cost Explorer, Harness, GCP Billing of Google Cloud, Apptio Cloudability, CloudHealth by VMWare, Spot by NetApp, and Kubecost



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