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 Cloud Migration Services and Strategy Consulting 

Redefine your digital infrastructure with Nuvento’s cloud migration services 

Nuvento’s Cloud Migration Strategy 


Cloud Migration is all about your organization migrating data, applications and workloads from a private server or on-premise data center to a cloud architecture. Nuvento’s cloud migration experts help you identify the best way of arranging and transferring your business service platforms, web and mobile applications, CRM support systems, product software, enterprise databases, and more to the cloudYou are assured optimum results in migrating your complex and mission-critical business environments with Nuvento’s cloud migration strategies and best practices.  

Our enterprise cloud management framework assists you in accomplishing business goals and dodging difficulties encountered during the transition to the cloud. With Nuvento, you can rest assured that your business is tapping into the fullest potential of cloud migration services.  

Nuvento helps enterprises accomplish cloud migration goals  

Nuvento’s 6R strategy to cloud migration

Cloud migration Strategy

Nuvento’s Cloud Migration Consulting

Cloud Migration Analysis

Cloud migration strategy begins with a data-driven analysis of your cloud migration journey. This analysis includes a detailed prediction of how your infrastructure will look in the cloud. Further, your organization’s cloud migration roadmap will be built based on the analysis that evaluates application dependencies and applications’ cloud readiness.

Cloud Security Strategy 

Data security is a big concern for businesses who opt cloud migration services. But with Nuvento, your data is secure through network level and server level security measures. Since data is moved from on-premise to offsite locations, the storage of your data fully complies with industry security standards.  

Cloud Implementation 

We take care of your cloud infrastructure design and also look into capacity and storage planning. After working closely with you, we identify the best cloud technologies that can help continue your operations with minimal disruptions.  

Cloud migration monitoring 

Evaluating the performance of applications, platforms and workloads post cloud migration lets you understand the success of your migration. We help you understand how your migrated solutions are performing so necessary changes can be made along the way.

Step-by-step cloud migration services 

Step 1: Set up the expert cloud migration consultant team for business

Step 2: Describe the purpose of cloud migration

Step 3: Assess the cloud migration requirements and corresponding costs

Step 4: Select the appropriate cloud setting i.e., single or multi

Step 5: Ascertain the models i.e., IaaS, PaaS or SaaS

Step 6: Select the accurate architecture

Step 7: Prioritize the migration processes and modules

Step 8: Set the performance reference points

Cloud migration
Step 9: Frame a cloud migration strategy specifically for data

Step 10: Migrate applications either step-by-step or in one go after careful consideration

Step 11: Resource optimization review to identify any gaps

Step 12: Domain and IP transfer to application

Step 13: Test data, application and every module

Step 14: Make changes after feedbacks and rationalize the procedures

Step 15: Do security testing and safeguard data and other components

Benefits of cloud migration 

Cloud migration services are business-critical requirement. Cloud migration can crack many business challenges through its server-less architecture, helping enterprises meet scalability and agility goals. Through Nuvento’s cloud migration strategies, enterprises can witness a radical shift in value creation and competitive advantage.  

Reduced infrastructure complexity

With data stored in a virtual platform, the outlay on infrastructure and physical devices is reduced.

Quick deployment

Applications and services can be deployed at faster rate once upgraded to cloud.

Reduced number of data centers

Cloud will eliminate the need for data centers and will enable you to manage sensitive data in one data center.

Easy Backup

Disaster recovery from outages is simple in the cloud. Backups let you get this up and running quickly.

Data security

Cloud security that is done right is robust. When you migrate to the cloud, the tougher security issues are taken care of by the cloud provider.


Cloud services and solutions can scale in accordance with business infrastructure and plans.


Autoscaling, operational cost cutting and pay-as-you-go models are some of ways you can save costs on the cloud.


Connect your applications and workloads with partner systems and make information sharing and processes seamless.

Our Cloud Migration Partners

Frequently Asked Question 

Which are the different cloud migration types?

The different strategies to migrate to the cloud are:  

  • Lift and shift model/ Re-host 
  • Lift and optimize/ Re-platform 
  • Drop and shop/ Re-purchase 
  • Re-architect/Refactor 
  • Retain/ Hybrid model 
  • Retire 
What are the steps involved in cloud migration services?
  • Assess the current on-premise architecture and create action plans for cloud migration 
  • Choose the appropriate cloud migration strategies 
  • Execute the migration of dataapplications and workloads  
  • Monitor the migration to ensure optimum performance of solutions on the cloud 
What is cloud migration service?

Cloud migration services refer to the way in which businesses shift their data, processes, resources, products and the entire infrastructure from their physical on-premise servers to the cloud architecture. 

What are cloud migration services?

Some examples of the major cloud migration tools are: 

  • Azure migration services 
  • AWS migration services 
  • Google migration services 
How does cloud migration work?
  • We assess your on-premise infrastructure
  • We then look at dependencies and ascertain system topology 
  • Look at cost-optimized workload route 
  • Suggest the appropriate cloud model for the business 
  • Arrange for cloud migration strategy and plan 
Why should businesses shift to cloud?

Irrespective of your business size, cloud migration strategies apply to you and it can make your business much more accessible to your teams, agile, secure and scalable. Cloud is cost-efficient as well, with auto-scaling and payas-you-go models having you pay only for what you use. Businesses can expand continuously while working within a prevailing infrastructure. And your dataapplications and workloads will grow continually while ensuring optimal business performance and without disrupting customer experiences. 

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