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Cloud Security Services  

Safeguard your cloud environments with cloud security managed services  

Enterprises like yours need a robust and agile cloud security framework in a growing landscape of digital data. You must build capabilities to proactively respond to security concerns. Nuvento’s Cloud Security services can help your business to effectively manage security across your cloud estate, while you concentrate on scaling your business.

Cloud security vulnerabilities

Cloud traffic monitoring 

Your cloud data can have vulnerabilities, which if unattended to can lead to invasions by unauthorized users. Nuvento’s cloud security teams tackle such anomalies with continuous network traffic monitoring.

Cloud data control

Robust cloud security architecture restricts cloud access within the cloud support team. We set up rigid data control to safeguard your organizational cloud networks and place it under the control of our IT support team.

Cloud data and application access

Your enterprise may not have set permissions and access levels for your data and applications. Nuvento cloud support team can assist you in fixing permission settings, to decide who can have access to what. 

Compliance concerns

The extra dimension of complying with the external, internal, and regulatory guidelines has to be contained within the risk management process of cloud security architecture. 

Cloud-native gaps

Unauthorized data access in a native cloud environment can be stimulated by identifying vulnerabilities, growing access through weak interfaces, and shifting data to illicit storage locations by unauthorized users.

Disaster Recovery

The cloud security tools, processes, and policies are to be counted in the DR framework for continuing operations in case of occurrence of unforeseen circumstances.

Nuvento’s Cloud Security Solutions

Businesses deal with massive volumes of data, especially in the cloud. This gives cloud security consulting services a hard time guaranteeing data security. Nuvento offers 360-degree cloud security solutions like



In business, cloud services are accessed from outside the company network and this can lead to a breach of business data. So, ensuring visibility is what Nuvento does first so that we can have the concrete understanding of

  • Data Stored in Cloud
  • Users of cloud data and user permissions for accessing data
  • Details of shared data
  • Cloud data location
  • How data is used, accessed and the device used to access data

Cloud data control

Once you have the complete visibility of cloud data, we ensure data security as per the organizational requirements. These cloud data controls constitute

  • Data Classification
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Managing File/Folder permissions
  • Cloud Data Encryption
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We exercise Accessibility Controls for nullifying the effect of accessing data from any device or location. Mainly the accessibility controls are practiced for

  • User Access
  • Device Access
  • Atypical Actions Identification
  • Malware Prevention
  • Privileged Access


Cloud contains data and applications and for ensuring its safety and adherence to the risk management process, we constantly revoke compliance standards. Nuvento does

  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Assessments

Cloud Security Best Practices: Step-by-step Process

Cloud Security Best Practices: Step-by-step Process

What are Nuvento’s Cloud Security Services?

Cloud Security Managed Services

Threat monitoring and data protection services, protection against insider and outsider threats, improved detection, response and remediation, cost effective protection are some of the key services we cover under cloud security managed services.

Cloud Security Strategy

Develop an integrated security approach for your cloud environments – right from assessment to developing requirements to creating a robust roadmap for successful cloud defence.

Security Log Management

Rapid threat detection and response with data collected from security logs. After collecting system and application logs from your cloud data centers, our security log management services identify indicators of compromise within your logs or security events.

Security Intelligence and consulting services

Develop more maturity in your intelligence-driven operations across all environments. With Nuvento’s expert cloud security services, you are enabled to assess your security capabilities and maturity against best practices in security.

Hosted email and web security

Keep your data protected from email- or web-based malware, identity theft and phishing scams by proactively monitoring web traffic. Nuvento offers cloud-base security services to keep threats that attack your email and web channels at bay.

Firewall management

Regardless of whether you have well-defined network perimeters, Nuvento’s firewall management services help you protect your cloud infrastructure as well as prevent unwarranted access to your private networks.

Our Cloud Security Benefits

Frequently Asked Question 

What are cloud security services?

Cloud security managed services refer to the wide range of control-centric safety measures for managing ID and access, protecting data, and securing applications and infrastructure. Cloud security services will boost the scalability and proactivity of cloud security, especially in the case of the public cloud.  

Which are the major security services offered in the cloud?

Identity and Access, Data Loss Privacy, Web Security, E-mail Security, Security Assessments, Intrusion Prevention, Logging and Event Information, Data Encryption, Disaster Recovery, and Network Security are some of the important cloud security services.  

Can cloud storage be hacked?

The main concern with cloud storage is not data loss and not data hacking. Cloud storage is vulnerable to hacking and the risk is high if you save the data with a poor password. Factually speaking cloud data can be hacked by intruders who can then fully access your private data.  

Why is cloud security important?

Cloud security is critical as most organizations are already using cloud computing in one form or another. But risks of misconfiguration and the ever-present danger of cyber criminals are evidence that any company’s cloud environment must be secure to remain effective. Here, cloud security enables you to enhance the protection of your digital assets and mitigate the risks associated with human error. This makes you less likely to see your organization suffer a damaging loss.  



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