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Keep cybersecurity risks at bay and build a resilient business


Secure your apps, websites, networks, servers, data and your digital enterprise from vicious cyber threats like ransomware. Power through the digital space with resilient frameworks.


Nuvento’s cybersecurity services

Business ecosystems are vulnerable to cyber-attacksSo they must rely on IT security services as they grow. When the business value chain expands, it is important to increase business resilience against increasing cyber threats too. To create tailored cybersecurity services, business needs cybersecurity consultant who has industry-relevant threat acumen like Nuvento. Our cybersecurity services provide secure grounds on which businesses can expand.

We offer cybersecurity consulting and supports enterprises in framing solutions and delivery models, cybersecurity audits, increase visibility and detection of threats, implement and document security frameworks. Nuvento offers end-to-end cybersecurity services that ensures cybersecurity maturity in each level of your cyber transformation. 


Network security monitoring to detect vulnerabilities in IT security operations and management.


Recommendations for robust security based on audit findings and vulnerabilities.


Ongoing endeavor to ensure the cybersecurity wellness of an organization.


Ransomware recovery for a drug manufacturer 

A leading drug manufacturing company located in the US faced a ransomware threat. The company approached Nuvento for an action plan in 3-4 days to retrieve the encrypted files in their system. They wanted us to resolve the issue and ensure that such incidents did not reoccur. 


Nuvento’s challenge was to identify and remove the ransomware from their network. We deployed our Threat Hunting team, Vulnerability Assessment team, Cybersecurity team, and IT Infrastructure Support team to investigate the situation and identify a viable solution. 


Nuvento came up with a disaster recovery plan and analyzed 400 systems, including 40 servers. The company network was analyzed to identify if there were more threats. We cleansed the entire network, removed the ransomware, and safeguarded their data from further cybersecurity breaches. 

8000 vulnerabilities resolved

70% improvement in threat protection

2100 critical vulnerabilities fixed

4200 medium vulnerabilities fixed

Our strengths

One-Stop Vendor

With our wide-ranging expertise, we're adept at fulfilling an enterprises' overall application development needs.

Personal Approach

We'll devote time and talent commensurate with your project, and you'll have exclusive access to the resources working for you.

Exceptional Quality

An app's not merely a program. It's meant to help users solve a specific problem, and we make sure it does that well.

Complete Transparency

Using project management tools, we'll keep you updated on the developments when they happen. No surprises.

Overcome breaches, manage security frameworks and keep digital assets secure and compliant

Business continuity management

Prepare your business to counter advanced cyber attacks. Base business continuity plans on security. Implement multiple-defense layers, including managed firewalls and sensitive data encryption. Build a backup of your IT environment for quick recovery.

Ransomware attack recovery

Get support for recovery from a breach. Conduct the diagnosis of ransomware incidents. Leverage expert cybersecurity services to revive your files and data. Involve incident digital forensics to recover, reconstruct, and review your data.

DDoS attack remediation

Get restoring your IT security solutions after a DDoS attack right. Evaluate your network and adopt protocols that keep connections with transit providers active. Plan for an orderly restoration of your network and applications to avoid a sudden surge of activity.

Cybersecurity consulting and assessments

Gain insights into your cybersecurity management landscape. Our consulting and assessment services conduct in-depth and timely assessments of data, infrastructures, and digital frameworks to build a resilient digital enterprise.

Cyber attack and threat simulation

We test your networks by getting into the point of the view of the attackers. We carry out penetration tests, try to identify security gaps in your framework, and evaluate and secure vulnerable surfaces in your system.

Data governance and risk compliance

With actionable mitigation strategies, we support clients with incident response, compliance, and expertise to address issues in information security. Manage increasing data volumes with data governance services.

Cloud security

Stay on top of your cloud security and safeguard your cloud environment end-to-end with our cloud security services. We also help you address specific challenges around managing security in multi-cloud, hybrid cloud environments.

Application security

Secure vulnerabilities in your applications and protect critical data from external cyber threats. Assess the security posture of your applications, find and fix vulnerabilities, automate services, and use cloud infrastructure.

Identity and access management

Control who accesses your organizational information and step up the security of your data. Manage information access controls and privileges, and build a protected IT ecosystem.



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