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Data and AI innovation 

Technology is changing at a massive scale. Leverage the Azure platform to create opportunities, build DevOps business models and get proven, secure and responsible AI capabilities on your terms.  

We can innovate for you on Azure’s AI and ML solutions:  

Make predictions about your customers’ needs

Automate your business processes

Uncover hidden information from your data

Engage with customers in a new way delivering enhanced experiences

With Azure AI, get the combined capability of 

Developing AI solutions on your terms

We build your most demanding workloads on the proven, powerful and secure Azure platform. Power up services with AI, scale without limits and rely on the most trusted cloud. 

Building AI into critical applications

We modernize your applications, so they let you focus on building valuable capabilities throughout your service lines. We redesign and plan your solutions to enhance business performance.

Putting responsible AI into action

Azure commitment to responsible AI mitigates bias in your AI systems. Your privacy and confidentiality are preserved, and Azure enforces accountability and ensures compliance.  

Nuvento lets enterprises make AI real for their business with:  

Knowledge mining

Discover hidden insights in your data – documents, images and media – with Azure Cognitive Search. Uncover hidden patterns and relationships in data, recognize the underlying sentiment and extract key phrases.

AI apps and agents

Make interactions with customers natural and improve engagement through conversations powered by Bot Framework and Azure Bot Service. We also deploy bots that use cognitive services APIs like Language Understanding (LUIS), Q&A maker and speech service. We can customize the models with your data and deploy them anywhere.

Machine learning

Build, train and deploy your machine learning models across the cloud by using Azure Machine Learning. Nuvento lets you develop models fast with automated machine learning, and we deploy them at scale. Optimize and accelerate ML inferencing and training. Manage ML models across the cloud and the edge.



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