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Enterprise data management solutions to empower your business

Enabling enterprises to manage data efficiently to power up business decision-making

Managing complex data to produce powerful insights

Data management a key aspect that sets businesses up for success in a highly competitive marketOrganizations continuously collect large amounts of customer, product, market, financial and social data to understand their market better and drive personalized experiences. In this context, it becomes essential for enterprises to get actionable insights out of it. However, most enterprises suffer from challenges like inaccurate data, data quality issues, and insufficient data.  

Nuvento’s deep expertise in data management data helps organizations place systems and practices to sort and manage data so that it makes sense to the user. We are data management vendors who support enterprise-wide implementation as well as provide consulting services to help organizations transform their data into powerful insights. 

Our core offerings 


Data Analytics

Get insights from your data, turn them to intelligence and unlock the value of your data. Unravel the complexities of large data sets to gain real-time insights and predictions with our data analytics practice.


Data Migration and Integration

Migrate your data from legacy sources, employ ETL processes and store them in your data warehouse. We analyze your sources and collect data from them for a thorough analysis, so it produces relevant insights for your business.


Data Quality Management and Data Governance

Set data quality goals and build your data governance strategy around it. We build processes that allow for effective and efficient data-related organizational decisions. Gain complete control over who accesses what in your data.


Enterprise Data Management

Streamline and manage your enterprise’s data effectively to achieve the results you should be. We help you tap into the core asset of your business – your data. We collect, cleanse and standardize your organization’s data to meet quality goals and deliver desired outcomes.


Data Visualization

Communicate strategic business insights with your teams with visual representations for easy understanding of complex data relationships. We help you set up powerful data visualizations that help you make sense of the work you do.


Data Monetization

Make your data have a direct impact on your revenue. Our team of experts can help devise data monetization strategies that let you extract powerful insights that gets you the most value, maximize your profits, reduce costs and optimize opportunities for your organization.

Why choose Nuvento?  

12 years in Data Analytics and Data Science 

Over 10+ years’ experience in DWH services, designing and BI implementations

8 years of big data consulting and implementation services 

Deep data analytics expertise in delivering agile solutions of different complexity levels

On-time delivery of data projects 

Expertise in working with business-critical data elements 

How to use data and analytics?

Build your data foundation

Understand your data, sort it meaningfully and secure it thoroughly

Put advanced analytics to work

Apply advanced analytics on mined and extrapolated data and predict future trends

Improve performance of your business

Use analytical insights to let your business be more efficient and effective

Explore opportunities for innovations

Understand new trends with data and discover tomorrow’s opportunities

Featured Customer Success stories 

DWH optimization solution for an insurance company

A multi-line business insurance company aimed to implement a data warehouse solution for managing its claims operations. They used MS SQL server, and the source systems were a popular multi-line claims system, ERP systems, home-grown applications, AS400, and mainframe systems. They also had multiple feeds coming in from business sources and digitized forms. They had around 150 TB of data, and the ETL processes that extracted data from these sources took over 30-36 hours, as opposed to an overnight processing requirement.

The extended data load time impacted operational dashboards and reports, impacting timely operational decision-making. The ETL processes were not designed well for exception handling and they lacked an efficient recovery process. This resulted in data quality and integrity issues.

Data load reduced from 36 hours to 6 hours

ETL process was redesigned and optimized

Data process was remodeled and re-sequenced

Corrected errors in the historical data

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