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Nuvento + Databricks

Databricks lakehouse platform

Databricks was founded by the original creators of Apache Spark, Delta Lake, and MLFlow and has become a cornerstone for companies looking to put data at the center of their business strategy. The Databricks platform removes the complexity of Big Data and Machine Learning, allowing data teams composed of data engineers, data scientists, and business leaders to collaborate across all your workloads, accelerating the business journey to become truly data-driven.

Unlocking Databricks capabilities with Nuvento

Nuvento helps businesses architect and migrate to the Databricks data lakehouse. We also build Brickbuilder (data and AI) solutions for industry-specific use cases using Databricks capabilities by implementing the lakehouse architecture. We help enterprises to ,

Innovate faster, and break down data silos with agile and adaptive processes

Enable data-driven decision-making to solve real-world problems

Derive value from all data fast and easily

Share data securely

Analyze data at scale

Apply machine-learning models effectively

Drive better business outcomes through collaboration

Operate at the speed of business with real-time streaming

Integrate easily with existing tools and services

Developing data and AI solutions

Our team of dedicated Databricks experts will further help customers implement and scale data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning, and business analytics initiatives.

Accelerating time to value of the Databricks platform

We help businesses adopt the Databricks platform, accelerate time to value (TTV) and expand the value proposition for your data & AI solutions. With a unified analytics practice, we offer solutions for data science, data engineering, and analytical use cases with Databricks, help collaborate inside a comprehensive platform and innovate with Big Data & AI. We enable businesses to simplify the data architecture, eliminate data silos, help work across teams, and innovate faster with Databricks.

Our partnership with Databricks offers Nuvento’s clients the opportunity to access an open and unified platform for data and AI that provides advanced technologies for analyzing and transforming complex data sets into insights and solutions. We offer various data and AI services and are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their digital transformation goals by providing the best-in-class solutions for their data needs.

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