Get up close with your fans

Know who your fans are to deliver experiences they’ll love. We help you build a robust data infrastructure, where you can collect your fans’ data from disparate sources and unify them to drive personalized campaigns that reinvigorate fan engagement bringing in more revenue from your events.

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Build fan data

Get fan data from your website, social channels, mobile apps, ticketing sources as well internal and external data streams to build your fan database. Our CIAM technology expertise ensures delivery of secure, seamless experiences for your fans at extreme scale and performance.

Capture fan insights

Learn more about who your fans are with smart segmentations like demographics, region, behaviors, purchase habits, interests and much more to get the perfect list of fans to boost your marketing campaigns.


Redefine fan engagement

Personalize your marketing campaigns to drive more revenue through increased sponsorships, ticket and merchandise sales. Build a loyal fanbase.

Multi-channel Fan Engagement

Reach your fans on the platforms they’re on. Build a highly integrated fan ecosystem, with over 70 online platforms, connecting your CRM, social channels, email channels and much more.

Automate Fan Engagement

Send instant automated responses to your fans via push notifications and emails, keep them engaged through apps whenever they engage with you online.

Drive More Engagement

Share content your fans will love. Send product, merchandise recommendations to bring your fans closer to you. Understand real-time intent, context; analyze affinities for personalized marketing.

Create new revenue streams

Introduce new platforms and formats to engage fans, and make sports more accessible to new fans while keeping existing fans loyal. Unlock new revenue streams by reaching fans through innovative ways and adding new services to existing offers. Use data to improve your core business functions and solidify partner relationships. Use technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality to cater new expereince to your fans.

Virtual Experience

Make your fans a part of the game experience even if they’re not physically present at the venue. With advanced technologies like AI, AR and VR, we will recreate the sights and sounds of a fan-packed arena for your fans at the convenience of their homes.

Image Analytics

Capture fans in their favorite cheering moments, share it with them and keep them coming back to cheer more for you. Use our image analytics services to identify celebrities among your fans, your most loyal fans and keep the engagement on.


Personalized Marketing

Analyze fan behavior and push marketing messages and offers to fans. Keep them hooked with all the updates they’ll want to know about their favorite sporting events, players and make sure they’re all set for their big games, every time!

Meet our sports technology experts

Sandy Zinn

Sports Technology Expert

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Justin Einhorn

Sports Technology Expert

Ashin Antony

AI & Cloud Architect

Suraj Arukil

Digital Transformation Consultant

Highly customizable and easily deployable technology solutions

A one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation could have you investing in technology you won’t use. Nuvento’s approach to digital transformation involves an in-depth analysis of your business operations; and then building customizable and easy-to-deploy solutions that saves costs and directly converts into RoI 

Easy to deploy

Our solutions are built with guidance from technology veterans who closely study your challenges, develop optimal solutions and choose simple to adopt practices.

Highly customizable

We can customize your solutions to fit your changing business needs. Your systems would not be limited to a list of functionalities.

Improved marketing RoI

Optimal solutions ensure you have in your arsenal what you need to nail your marketing goals, which means cost savings as well as improved RoI.

Featured Customer Success Story

Data warehouse upgrade for a major sports league

A 3rd party vendor provided reporting services to the client but there were challenges in report accuracy, agility and scalability. Owing to the issue, the client decided to migrate partner data feeds from their 3rd party vendor to the existing data warehouse (DWH). Nuvento was called to do the job. Our advanced cloud technology, highly scalable processes and understanding of the existing system, let us complete the migration of historical data from the 3rd party vendor. We are also handling the integration of new feeds and sources for the upgraded DWH version, providing the client with a unified access to its organizational data.

Why Nuvento?

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10 Years of Experience

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Award-winning sports industry executives

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70+ Integration Partners

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Highly Customizable Solutions

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