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Enterprise software integration 

Redefine your team’s performance and productivity with custom software that advances your enterprise’s digital transformation journey


Developing custom enterprise software for modern enterprises 

Nuvento has delivered enterprise solutions for over a decade and has gained several satisfied customers globally. The verticals we serve include Finance & Accounting, CRM, ERP, Productivity App, and Enterprise Networking among others. We develop next-generation enterprise applications such as SaaS, desktop, web, mobile applications and manage API integration. Our innovative custom software development solutions enable organizations to succeed mainly by restructuring business processes with the help of custom enterprise software. 

Custom enterprise software development

Our enterprise software development team helps your business in designing, developing and deploying enterprise applications based on your company’s changing challenges and objectives. When your existing software does not fit the growing business goals, you can customize enterprise applications with optimized performance and Nuvento has wide-ranging enterprise solutions for realizing the company’s changing requirements.

Enterprise Software Integration

Enhance enterprise capabilities with powerful integrations. This can be done either by developing enterprise software or purchasing it. If your organization plans to purchase enterprise software, you need skilled professionals to integrate it into your organizational setting. Through microservices, API integrations, and data integrations, Nuvento improves your software framework that focuses on system interconnection, data exchange, and distributed computing settings.

Application customization, maintenance and support

Nuvento can customize existing enterprise applications with additional features to bring ‘uniqueness’ to your business. We can administer organizations regarding which enterprise software fits best for the organization to achieve specific business objectives and boost enterprise-wide efficiency. Our enterprise application development team is capable of further maintaining your software systems’ performance. We also give support to ensure zero downtime for critical enterprise application services.

Legacy application modernization

At times, businesses might demand the retention of applications implemented with outdated technology. To maintain such obsolete technology-based information systems, what Nuvento does is modernize the legacy applications. While modernizing applications, we ensure that services are delivered without any interventions. Our team will help you in conducting an in-depth analysis of your legacy solution and choose the best technologies that can modernize your frameworks and improve application performance.

Why partner with Nuvento for business software development?

Nuvento is an established business software provider helping enterprises with agile teams to develop high-quality SaaS and web applications 

Cost-efficient solution development

Expertise in multiple tech stack

Transparent project management

Continuous maintenance support

Stringent quality analysis

Agile development and rapid deployment


Scorecard Solution for a Law Firm

A major US law firm wanted to implement a lawyer performance scorecard. They purchased a ready-to-use DWH balanced scorecard with elite data structures and spent $2 million to deploy it.


Despite the expenses and advanced features, the data generated by the scorecard was inaccurate. Nuvento’s solutions architects were hired. Our deep expertise enabled us to quickly understand the system.


We then proposed a minimal solution, which showed accurate results and saved the client from a loop of software hassles.

$1.5 Million annual savings

Seamless data migration

Deployment in 5 months

Optimized data structures

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What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development is a process of developing a software that meets the needs of an organization by replacing manual processes with automated ones. Enterprise software is developed based on the business’s unique needs and to meet a certain goal. Each enterprise solution is developed for a specific environment, where it’ll be used to carry out a specific process.  

What are the types of enterprise software?

Software required to streamline business processes across multiple departments in an organization include enterprise resource planning (ERP), custom relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), business intelligence (BI), human resource management (HRM), marketing automation, business process management, knowledge management, enterprise content management, customer service solutions, sales software, payment processing software and communications software.  

What does an enterprise software improve?

Enterprise software improves several business processes and standardizes them. It also improves customer service, resource scalability, IT infrastructure reliability, customer data security, access to information, affordability of running the business, supply chain management and regulatory compliances.  

What are the features of enterprise software development?

Enterprise software is defined by certain features. Performance, scalability, security, interconnectivity, RoI, robustness, customization, storage, cost, cloud storage, microservices are some of the features that make up an enterprise software.  

What are the top platforms for developing custom enterprise software?

The top platforms for custom software development is Java, .Net, PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby-on-rails, Kotlin, Swift, C++. 

What is the cost of developing enterprise software?

The cost of developing a custom software solution for your enterprise will depend on the size and complexity of the software solution.  

Does my business need an enterprise software?

When a company grows, the amount of data it generates and complexity of its processes increases. Managing the generated data manually or without a scalable software solution leads to mismanagement. So, it’s no longer a matter of if you need it, but when you will need it 

When should I adopt an enterprise application for my business?

You should adopt an enterprise application when your existing practice fails to support your confidential information, involves excessive error-prone and time-consuming manual tasks, is generally unreliable with frequent downtime episodes, exhibits poor performance and cannot manage your data volumes. 



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