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NuOCR is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace 

NuOCR will help businesses drive document digitization and end-to-end information management 

NuOCR is an intelligent document processing software that converts unstructured information to structured digital data allowing enterprises to power up their CRM capabilities for enhanced customer experience.

Why use NuOCR

Benefits of NuOCR

Watch NuOCR in action 

Manual data collation is a tedious task, in which one minor error can result in mismatching outputs affecting the quality of the data.  The solution to this problem lies in an automated data capture system that collects information from any document and gets it right, every time.


As an intelligent document processing software, NuOCR converts information on any document – an image file, a paper document, or a pdf document – into quickly accessible, searchable, and error-free digital data. The system then saves it to your database, helping organizations manage data better and saving time and energy spent on finding the right information. It also allows enterprises to save costs and improve business productivity.

NuOcr Features

Templates for multi-industry use cases

Our pre-built document templates cover widely used industry form templates to get you started in minutes. Find forms of a wide range of industries like healthcare, insurance, tax and more in our standard template library.

Database integrations

The NuOCR solution can integrate with your database, putting you in full control of the sources of your data that goes into the system as well as formats of the extracted data.

Custom document template creator

Create your own form template in a few clicks and extract the data you need within minutes of setting up. Get the data you need to meet your business needs.

Automated data capture and data processing

Smart data capture can extract your data from any content file – images, pdfs and doc files – and save them in an accessible and manageable format for ease of handling, quick editing and processing, and simple retrieval.

Enhanced data quality

This intelligent document processing software can capture content and enhance the quality of data. Advanced AI systems are trained to correctly identify characters and extract them with minimal errors ensuring superior OCR accuracy levels.

Easy data access and downloads

Digital data management makes it easy for organizations to quickly access the data it requires. Extracted data can be stored directly into the database or can be downloaded as an excel sheet.

How NuOCR works

NuOCR data extraction system

How enterprises benefit with NuOCR

Time and money savings

Reduce time and money spent on manual data capture processes with NuOCR. Automatic data detection, easy edit options and smart content organization allows users to save much time and money spent on their data management.

Easy access to data

Do away with the inconvenience of paper documentation and embrace the simplicity of organized digital data. NuOCR helps to make data available to the user right at their fingertips.

Intelligent document processing

NuOCR is an intelligent document processing software capable of creating completely machine-readable digital documents. Automation of document management eases your effort and gives you more time to focus on business-critical tasks.

More physical space

Declutter your office space of paper documents and make space for meaningful work to happen. Digitized documents have the information you need for your work readily available to you allowing you to get rid of the paper counterparts.

Now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

NuOCR is available on the Azure Marketplace for businesses seeking innovative, cloud-based ready-to-use solutions to optimize their operations.


NuOCR is a solution that can be used across industries. Most of our pre-built industry-specific form templates are from:


Social Security

Human Resources

Real Estate







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