Success came quickly, thanks to a mixture of talent. A technological environment which encourages enterprises to innovate.

Janrain is recognized as a Leader in the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Solution, credited as the inventor of social login and a founding member of OpenID Foundation which establishes the basis of digital authentication protocols currently being used by the Security industry worldwide.
As the first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical customer identity and access management (CIAM) needs, Janrain is constantly innovating with new solutions and product models and currently has over half of the worlds connected users within its Identity Cloud Network.
Nuvento is a Technology partner of Janrain and specializes in providing highly customized implementations of Janrain, our customers benefit from our Specialized Offerings, Our Frameworks, and Accelerators.

As a Digital Tech provider, Nuvento is able to cater to the evolving digitally connected world, by the adoption of CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) solutions using the Janrain product suite. We have access to the rapidly growing CIAM ecosystem and are able to develop seamless and secure solutions that match the customers’ business needs. We ensure that our solutions are in line with the target market thus streamlining the path to digital transformation.

As a premier partner, we have built frameworks including
Connectors – that enables real-time data updates and notifications based on specific user registrations.

Nuvento Cloud Services to support Janrain widget deployments
Digital Maturity Model for CIAM rollouts

Our certified CIAM professionals are experts in CIAM, data and security, and customer activation

Our technology focus includes

  • Enterprise CIAM Rollout
  • GDPR Rollout
  • User Journey Management
  • Digital Advisory Services
  • Customized Third- Party Data Integration
  • Advanced Customer Analytics
  • Identity of Things
  • CIAM Cloud