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Tailored enterprise applications delivered fast with Kony’s low-code platform


We are Kony-certified mobile application, and cross-platform web and mobile app developers based in New Jersey, USA. We build enterprise mobile and web applications leveraging the scalability and power of the Kony platform – right from conception and development through to management. Using the entire range of tools and technologies, we’ll help you develop your cross-platform mobile applications as well as web applications that help you meet your enterprise’s specific business needs. 


The capabilities of the low-code mobile app development services combined with our deep expertise in enterprise mobile application development enable our clients to meet their time-to-market goals with best-in-class solutions. Develop your multi-web and mobile apps faster with the simplicity of the modern drag and drop UI with n the robustness of modern security and technology integrations.  

Why enterprises should choose cross-platform mobile app development

Low-code developer productivity
Unified experience across channels
Easy data integration
Modern and engaging user experiences
Unified experience across channels
Progressive web applications
Automated testing and integrated DevOps
Easy security and protection

Low-code app development powered by Kony and Quantum

Visual approach to software development, low-code app development automates every step of the web and mobile application development life cycle to enable rapid delivery of software solutions. It breaks up business’s silos and promotes continuous collaboration.


Businesses can benefit from the unparalleled time-to-value by rapidly delivering web and enterprise mobile apps that fit their business need. Developers can make themselves more productive by applying their efforts in making the best use of low-code attributes, such as a development toolkit, a visual user interface, reusable components and more.

Process and quality matters

Our standardized process and experienced Kony-certified developers can build best-in-class enterprise applications that are intuitive, frictionless and secure.


Nuvento’s deep expertise in enterprise application development and authority in simplifying complex development frameworks helps enterprises with rapid application solutions with highest quality.

Enterprise mobile application strategy


Strategize enterprise application development to meet scalability, robustness in terms of functionality and data analysis capabilities, central management, as well as the capability of seamlessly interacting with other software and hardware. We develop enterprise web and mobile application strategy tailored to this needs during design, development, testing and deployment phases.


Convert and implement designs 10 times faster.

Rapid, visual assembly using pre-wired components, templates, and sample apps for an 80% reduction in code. Access native device capabilities like maps, browser, touch ID and SMS without writing code – or drop down into Javascript API libraries for customization.

  • Direct access to any iOS and Android native API from Javascript
  • Mix and match Omni-channel APIs and UX with Native Function UX
  • Import any Native API from Visualizer


Develop the best experience for enterprise-level apps that work anywhere, anytime, on any device or platform. Connectors quickly integrate with data, create new services, orchestrate and transform data, and configure backend business processes that power client applications.

Easily add next generation experiences to your applications


DevOps practices of continuous and rapid development and deployment cycles speed up the testing process and reduces time to deploy.


Deploy your omni-channel applications enterprise apps seamlessly on Kony Cloud, private cloud as well as on-premises.

Enterprise mobile application security


Leverage enhanced security of anti-tampering mechanisms, White Box Cryptography (WBC), Cryptography and Encryption APIs, and secure network communications.

Kony APIs

Secure your application by protecting data using the security APIs provided by Kony. Data can be encrypted using Cryptography APIs, offline data can be encrypted and stored using SQL Database Encryption APIs, and network communications can be secured using two-way SSL/Mutual Authentication (SSL Pinning + Client Authentication).

Protected Mode option

Applications built in Kony Visualizer can step up security by building the application in the Protected Mode. Kony Platform code for iOS and Android is equipped with mechanisms to protect your application by detecting attacks like tampering, swizzling, debugging, jail breaking (iOS), rooting (Android), and information disclosure.

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    Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Development Platforms, Q2 2018 report.

    Leader in the New Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms (MXDP)

    Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms report.