Making real business intelligence possible using QlikView

Long implementation timelines and lack of value delivery had led a major U.S. construction firm to the brink of canceling their internal BI project. Nuvento implemented a Qlikview solution that provided immediate value while complimenting the existing BI platform for a relatively low cost. And the users? They love it.

It is estimated that 60% of BI projects end in abandonment or failure and market data confirms that out of the 3 standard project dimensions- time, resources, and scope – timelines and resources typically exceed the initial plan while scope consistently falls short of the of the original expectations and requirements. In addition, no more than 20% of business users actually use their BI applications proactively, and that a staggering 64% of systems functionalities are rarely or never used. As such, an approach that delivers value early in the project while remaining aligned with business priorities is crucial.

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