Drive Advanced Security, Threat Detection, & Response

Increase business resilience against evolving cyber threats and minimize cybersecurity disruptions with proactive security measures and new-age solutions.

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Fortifying cyber defense with end-to-end security solutions

With industries gearing up for AI-driven innovation and the shift towards advanced cloud and hybrid infrastructures, cyber-attacks and the associated costs are surging every year. Recent research shows concerning trends: a 50% year-over-year increase in phishing attacks, a 40% rise in reported ransomware incidents, and a threefold jump in bot-driven DDoS attacks resulting in significant downtime and financial losses.


Despite the rapid evolution of these new-age threats, many organizations struggle to implement adequate defense mechanisms. New-age cyber threats need new-age solutions. At Nuvento, we offer Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to help businesses embed security in critical areas, strengthening their digital core as they innovate and grow.


Nuvento‚Äôs Managed Threat Center predicts, prevents, and responds to modern threats with 24×7 monitoring, AI-powered threat detection, automated threat response, and expert-led threat hunting ensuring end-to-end protection.

Security Partners

Meet Our Expert

Shyam Kumar, our Director of Services & Solutions Sales, leads initiatives to drive advanced security, threat detection, and response. Leveraging assessment services, Shyam conducts thorough risk evaluations, covering network security, endpoint protection, encryption, and access control to ensure continuous protection against cyber threats.

Key Numbers

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faster threat response time than the industry average with a full-scale incident response, containing and fully eliminating the attacks.
20 /7
Threat Monitoring and Response to detect and respond to threats before they compromise your data or cause downtime.
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of threats are detected and neutralized by our advanced tools and our experts hunt down more sophisticated attacks.

What we offer

Security Assessment & Threat Evaluation Services

Security Assessment & Threat Evaluation Services

Nuvento’s 7-point security assessment evaluates your organization’s risk profile in critical areas such as network security, endpoint protection, data encryption, access control, and more. This comprehensive assessment gives you a deeper understanding of your cybersecurity ecosystem and potential risks helping you invest in the right cyber strategy, tools, and services.

Managed Cyber Security Services

Our Managed Threat Center offers round-the-clock visibility, control, and security across all your environments by proactively monitoring cyber risks and compliance with automated management tools and dedicated SOCs. This ensures comprehensive continuous protection of critical assets, infrastructure, and data.

Proactive Threat Management & Protocol Implementation Services

Nuvento assists organizations in implementing robust cyber threat management strategies. Our experts help you align security to business priorities by defining customized cyber, risk mitigation, and‚ÄĮregulatory strategies. This includes researching new threats and deploying proactive threat-hunting techniques to prepare and respond quickly to attacks before they escalate into security incidents.

Our Success Story

Discover how we aided a prominent pharmaceutical company, managing over 10,000+ digital assets across multiple geographic locations, in identifying and proactively combating a ransomware threat.

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Sophos MDR for next-level cybersecurity

15 May 2024 | 11AM EST

Aaron Gray
Sophos Channel Account Manager

Aaron is a channel expert passionate about Sophos’ industry-leading cybersecurity solutions. He collaborates with partners to deliver effective security strategies that safeguard businesses in today’s evolving threat landscape.