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Azure DevOps Services

Nuvento’s Azure DevOps Services consists of Azure solution-based processes that create a complete CI/CD pipeline. Our DevOps services help enterprises improve the uptime of applications, achieve quality and consistency in an automated build and accelerate application development and its cycle.


We help enterprises apply the right combination of DevOps technologies, culture and processes to enable continual software delivery and better value for customers.

Working with you through your CI/CD journey 

Building Azure DevOps practices  

Azure DevOps has several services to manage code development, building the application, deploying the applications, and letting developers collaborate.

Azure DevOps services  

Azure Boards

Track ideas, align, plan, track and collaborate among teams.

Azure Pipelines

Continuously develop, test and deploy CI/CD workflows compatible with any language, platform and cloud.

Azure Repos

Get unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repositories to manage code in all version control systems.

Azure Test Plans

Tools to create, run manual test plans and proceed with the process.

Azure Artifacts

Create, host and share packages from public and private source.

Our Azure DevOps processes

Our Azure managed services and DevOps expertise has us adept in diverse tools, technology architecture and evolving software tools from a functional and technical standpoint. It enables our DevOps culture that is dynamic, perpetually impacted upon by deep technological trends, such as containers or microservices.


We gather a complete picture of the organization’s practices in software development and then recommend a strategy and roadmap to improve team efficiency

DevOps strategy

Based on observations, we conduct an analysis of methodologies and tools needed for requirement analysis, architecting, design, building, testing and releasing.


Once you’ve assessed our capabilities, we get on with DevOps implementation.

Remote support

Our teams provide remote support to your teams as we implement and manage the processes.

Get the most with Azure DevOps

Quick and easy adoption

Personalized and cost-saving services

Easy integrations

Breaks silos

Access to best-in-class DevOps practices

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Azure DevOps Services






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