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Migrate. Transform. Accelerate

Strengthen your enterprise business intelligence strategy with Matillion ETL solutions on your data warehouse. Combine critical data sources to unlock hidden insights needed to drive strategic business decisions that yield improved business outcomes.

Matillion ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solutions make your enterprise cloud data analytics-ready by quickly performing necessary data transformations. It lets your business draw data insights from your cloud data enabling you to make better business decisions. 

Our experience implementing numerous business intelligence solutions in mid-sized as well as fortune 500 enterprises gives us the edge in helping organizations gain competitive advantage by harnessing the potential of their data.  


Supporting and enabling your data journey 

Matillion extracts data from your data sources like your applications, databases and files; loads it onto your cloud data warehouse and transforms your data into powerful insights that helps in critical business decision-making.  

Matillion cloud ETL products

Matillion ETL

Load valuable business data into your cloud data warehouse and transform the data on the cloud to tap into powerful insights within your data. Matillion ETL enables you to easily extract data from frequently used sources and load it into the cloud data warehouse.

Matillion Data Loader

Make loading source system data into your cloud data warehouse effortless with Matillion Data Loader. Make it simple for you to migrate your data into a cloud data warehouse you choose. With Matillion Data Loader, you can quickly centralize valuable business data and integrate with popular data sources.

Matillion’s ETL solutions for businesses in the cloud

Leverage purpose-built ETL solutions to support you on your data journey. Matillion ETL solutions lets you integrate multiple data sources as well let you prepare your data for transformation. See faster time-to-value with the power and performance of the cloud that makes tasks simpler and scalable.  

Data transformation 

Managing increasing volumes of data from multiple data sources to extract data from can make data transformation a time-consuming and challenging task. We help you take advantage of your cloud data warehouse investment to make data transformation a modern and streamlined process.  

Data analytics 

Experience the speed and scalability of the cloud by starting big data and data analytics with ETL services. Improve your ability to glean insights from your data and accelerate your business decision-making.  

Data integration 

Eliminate the time-consuming and resource-intensive process of integrating data from disparate sources into a central repository. Tap into the collective value of data while eliminating data silos with seamless enterprise data integration.

Data lakes 

Collect and store data of any scale in a centralized location – and make it simple to manage and transform for quick analytics. We help you move your data from your data lake to your cloud data warehouse.  

Data preparation 

Combine structured and semi-structured data sets in order to clean and standardize data into a format ready for business intelligence and data visualization. Well-prepared data produces better data quality which can be easily processed for timely insights. 

Integrations are simple 

Matillion’s extensive list of pre-built data source connectors for on-premise and cloud databases, apps, other data sources make it quick to load data into the cloud data warehouse. We can help you create your own connector for custom connection to any REST API source system.  

Experience the power of the cloud

Matillion enables companies to achieve new levels of


Intuitive UI and data transformation approach make complex tasks into simple ones.


Improved speed and time-to-value from launch to production.


Increase or decrease resources to meet any business demand.


Budget friendly, pay-as you use pricing model of Matillion products makes it ideal for all kinds of projects.

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