Success came quickly, thanks to a mixture of talent. A technological environment which encourages enterprises to innovate.

Mendix has been recognized as a Leader in High Productivity PaaS by Gartner. In its study, Gartner further states that by 2020 at least 50 percent of all new business applications would be created using High Productivity toolsets.

A High Productivity PaaS is essentially a low code, a graphically driven development model that enables both business professionals and traditional developers to collaborate and build applications faster. Mendix with its intuitive interface enables easier alliance, faster development and a cloud-based deployment thus enabling diverse teams to easily build Omni-channel apps.

Nuvento is Silver Partner of Mendix and has been using the advanced features of Mendix in building Omni-Channel Digital Applications.

Our core focus areas include

  • Digital Platforms (Omni-channel, Rapid Prototyping, Low Code functionality rich)
  • Digital Enablement (Digital Workforce, Digital Workplace, Mobility)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Chatbots, Image Analytics, Video Analytics)
  • Advanced Analytics (Sentiment Analysis, NLP, Machine Learning)

As part of its offering, Nuvento has developed strong intellectual properties in terms of frameworks and products that enable faster time to market. These include

  • Nuvento Digital Framework – Nuvento Digital Framework is a pre-built Digital Workspace system which enables faster prototyping, the REST API based system is easily integrated with other platforms
  • The Nuvva Chatbot – is the Chatbot developed by Nuvento on Microsoft Azure/Mendix.