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Multi-specialist hybrid healthcare application case study

The case 


A well-known healthcare startup hired Nuvento to develop a hybrid multi-specialist health care application that allows patients to schedule appointments and consult with doctors over the phone, get mobile lab tests at home, find the closest pharma in their neighborhood and have medicines delivered to their doorstep. An expert software development team was required to accomplish the outcome of such a multi-utilitarian and complex software application. 


The Challenge 

Our development team’s main challenge was integration. The application’s architecture was hybrid and multifaceted, supporting four different sister applications that served four different personas: patients, doctors, pharmacists, and medical labs. The hybrid ecosystem also included a platform for integrating and assigning drivers who traveled up and down for the delivery of test samples and medicines. 


The workflows needed to be synchronized because major events such as scheduling an appointment and publishing medicine prescriptions from the doctor’s portal triggered the sequences of activities such as lab tests and pharma ordering. Furthermore, payment tracking was critical because the patient and each service provider in the app ecosystem were reliant on it. All of these activities had to be tracked without any issues. Aside from that, user experience was also a challenge, because the app demanded a good user experience to support all the multiple flows within the app design.

Our Solution 

Our team was quick to identify the issues and devised a work plan that included designing the UX/UI of each application and rigorous testing.


The applications were modified to ensure optimal integration and communication between the patient profile and the doctor, pharmacist, labs, and operations involving drivers in the app ecosystem. Payment tracking was also thoroughly tested and validated to ensure smooth operation. 


The outcome 

The client was pleased with the results following the successful completion of the project and the first demonstration. 

The application promises better results and excellent user experience, with further improvements planned for future versions, which are currently being studied.

The client was impressed with the application's hybrid capabilities and outcomes in medical consulting, pharmacy services, and lab services.

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