The premiere graph database development platform for today’s connected applications


Find relationships between your data and leverage its true potential.

Connect your data as it is saved in your database and enable query responses in speeds like never before. Use graphs to extract the value of data of your enterprise in an agile, flexible and scalable manner.


Leverage the flexible structure defined by stored relationships between data records.

Connections-based approach to enterprise apps and analytics

Neo4j Database

The Neo4j database connects data as it is stored in your database empowering your data to traverse connections much faster. Get your enterprise data through interconnected datasets in real time. With a native graph storage system, Neo4j is adept to deliver an intuitive, flexible and secure database for unique, actionable insights.

Neo4j Aura Cloud

Run Neo4j on the cloud with the simple Neo4j Aura. Automate and fully managed, Neo4j Aura is the most flexible, reliable and developer-friendly graph database as a service. Get focused on building rich graph-powered applications.

Database Service

Graph database services designed to treat the relationships between your data as equally important to the data itself. The service is intended to hold data without restricting it to a pre-defined model. No more data isolation, just rich connected data.

Cypher Query Language

Open graph query language employed across the graph ecosystem. Cypher’s ASCII-art style syntax makes it easy to match patters of nodes and relationships with graph datasets. Neo4j officially supports .Net, Java, JavaScript, Go and Python. The community contributors provide PHP, Ruby, R, Erland, Clojure and C/C++.

Neo4j Bloom

Simple-to-use graph exploration app that enables visual interactions with Neo4j graphs. Enable the ability to visually investigate and explore graph databases from different business perspectives for enhanced communication between all members of an enterprise.

Neo4j Graph Data Science Library

Help data scientists address complex questions about system dynamics and group behavior. Leverage insights for making valuable predictions, identifying similar entities or individuals, finding influential elements and how to fix IT issues.

Neo4j Desktop

Get the convenience of working with local Neo4j database. Leverage the fastest method to develop applications with Neo4j enterprise.

Why use Neo4j for your enterprise?

Easy to scale

Adaptable to your growing business needs

Very secure

Fine-grained security, LDAP/Directory services, security logging

Super flexible

Fluidly evolves to meet changing business requirements

High performance

Consistent, real-time performance for multi-hop queries on large datasets

Highly available

Raft-based casual clustering, rolling upgrades, hot backups and more

Developer friendly

Helping to efficiently write, profile and debug queries

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