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Nuvento at DATA+AI Summit by Databricks: A Gateway to Leveraging Technology for Data and AI Solutions

Nuvento at DATA+AI Summit by Databricks: A Gateway to Leveraging Technology for Data and AI Solutions

DATA+AI Summit in San Francisco, organized by Databricks, brought together thousands of data engineers, scientists, analysts, and leaders to explore the transformative potential of data, analytics, and AI. The team from Nuvento was excited to be a part of this event, eager to gain insights into the latest advancements and trends in the industry.
The summit showcased the power of data lakehouse and highlighted how a unified platform can break down data and AI silos enabling businesses to leverage the full potential of their data. It provided a detailed overview of the lakehouse concept, underscoring the need for a unified approach to data management and analytics. Industry leaders like JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, and Rivian, exchanged their experiences of using Databricks and AI to enhance their business prospects.
One of the key highlights was Databricks’s commitment to develop responsible AI solutions emphasizing the importance of ethics and governance in AI implementations. The summit also showcased success stories and case studies from various domains, demonstrating how different organizations have benefited from implementing Databricks solutions.
For Nuvento, the event was a valuable opportunity to network and connect with industry experts, professionals, and potential partners. The team engaged in meaningful conversations, discussing challenges, solutions, and innovative approaches to data and AI. We met with representatives from industry giants like Microsoft and got to explore avenues for collaboration and understanding the priorities for data and AI in the industry.
“The Databricks event was an amazing opportunity to learn about the latest Data/AI trends and network with some of the brightest minds in the Industry, 12k of them to be exact.”, said Dolly Bali, Director, Microsoft Alliance at Nuvento.


Key takeaways from the DATA+AI summit were:

  • The biggest focus right now is on Generative AI and leveraging AI for societal advancement.
  • A hope to end the format wars by introducing a uniform layer, bringing together different formats together on metadata.
  • Data is going to be a completely different industry with large language model(LLM) engineering.
  • The usage of data has seen a major shift as big-time investors and successful companies realize the value of data hoarding.


The insights gained from the summit will play a crucial role in how Nuvento leverages technology to build advanced solutions for its clients. The team noted the migration trends such as from on-premises data platforms and even Snowflakes to the Databricks data lakehouse platform. These observations and trends allow us to assist organizations in transforming their data infrastructure by harnessing the power of the lakehouse architecture.

In conclusion, the DATA+AI Summit was an enriching experience for the Nuvento team, providing valuable insights, networking opportunities, and inspiration to continue pushing the boundaries of technology in the realm of data and AI. The Nuvento team has geared up to translate the learnings form Data+AI Summit into innovative solutions that address the evolving need of business in the data-driven era.