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Nuvento at Fintech Festival India

Nuvento at Fintech Festival India

We attended the FinTech Festival India held in Mumbai, a three-day festival from 16 to 18 May. It brought together stakeholders, industry experts, and thought leaders from around the globe to discuss the transformative potential of Fintech in shaping the future of finance. Exploring innovative ideas and trends in the FinTech ecosystem, this platform provided us with a vision for financial inclusivity and sustainability.

The inauguration ceremony commemorated a collaboration between India Blockchain Forum and FFI, where both signed an MOU certifying IBF as an emerging tech knowledge partner for Fintech Festival India to develop India’s innovation ecosystem. With invaluable insights directly from buyers, partners, and the industry at large, the festival proved to present great opportunities for networking and engaging with industry leaders and innovators in the FinTech space.

The event served as a platform for in-depth discussions and deliberations on the Fintech ecosystem emphasizing the need for innovation and inclusive growth for advancements in the financial landscape. The event fostered an environment for learning, exploring, and collaboration of startups, established financial institutions, regulators, technology providers, and investors. It provided us with various use cases and advanced technologies to help forge disruptive and powerful solutions for customers struggling in the financial services landscape.


Here are some of the insights brought to light during the event:

  • Expansion of use cases in the digital identity space for verification and authentication.
  • Convergence towards AI-ML models, particularly in credit underwriting.
  • Significant investment and interest in the adoption of Low-Code/No-Code solutions, specifically for portfolio use cases.


At the FinTech event, we introduced the world to our powerful product Docketry to impact great changes in the banking and insurance industry. We could derive synergies, with many companies participating and putting forth their side of innovations and solutions to the world of FinTech. The interactions proved to be rather beneficial and a validation for us that we are on the right track when it comes to our approach to revolutionizing the financial services landscape.

We have our beliefs affirmed that our product will prove beneficial for enterprises trying to solve the problems like EKYC, authentication, customer matching, claims processing, invoice automation, fraud detection, etc. With a renewed sense of purpose and commitment, we will strive to harness the potential in Fintech to drive the financial landscape with brighter and transformative solutions.