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Nuvento Shares A Strategic Business Partnership With Databricks

Nuvento Shares A Strategic Business Partnership With Databricks

Nuvento has entered a strategic partnership with Databricks, a renowned data lakehouse platform provider. The partnership between Nuvento and the Databricks Lakehouse Platform will enable large-scale data engineering, AI transformations, and business analytics for our customers seeking transformation, efficiency, and optimization.

Databricks professional services were developed as a foundation for businesses trying to leverage the power of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. The lakehouse platform delivers an open and unified solution that simplifies the complexities of big data and machine learning, enabling cooperation among data engineers, data scientists, and business leaders.

The data lakehouse company delivers advanced technologies that enable the analysis and transformation of complex data sets into valuable insights and solutions. Organizations that embrace the lakehouse design can quickly derive value from the data lake, analyze data at scale, communicate data securely, and deploy machine learning models efficiently.

Through this partnership, Nuvento is looking at building industry-specific solution accelerators that would help customers to accelerate their data analytics and machine learning initiatives and go-to-market faster with their solutions. It also helps businesses to utilize the right resources to build solutions relevant to their unique challenges and save hours spent on discovery, design, development, and testing.

We would also be looking at the possibilities of customizing available solution accelerators according to business requirements. This will let us solve specific business challenges and go to the market with Brickbuilder solutions – partner-developed solutions that address business-specific requirements.

As a part of the collaboration and mutual understanding, as well as to bolster our relationship with the data lakehouse company, Nuvento will be building a Databricks centre of excellence with a team of certified data engineers, data scientists, and data architects skilled to serve the need for advanced data solutions for customers. With this team of dedicated Databricks experts, Nuvento can help customers scale their data engineering efforts, drive collaborative

data solutions, power machine learning initiatives, and unlock valuable insights through business analytics.