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Justin Einhorn

Sports Operations Expert

Justin is a 25-year veteran of sports content creation and management, overseeing the development of statistical support and data insights for digital, broadcast, team performance and social media platforms. Effective communication both verbally and in the written form has propelled him to success in a variety of roles, whether it be as a journalistic storyteller, figuring out best-selling practices or building a team. Deep knowledge of sports media and technology, as well as an affable demeanor, has allowed Justin to form long-standing relationships with a broad array of decision makers and contributors in the sports world, leading him to join Zinn Sports Group in April 2020. 

Professional Background

Worked hand-in-hand with broadcast giants CBS, Fox and NBC’s Sunday Night Football; professional teams including the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bears; college programs such as the University of Kentucky; and digital platforms for Yahoo and the Washington Post 

15year career with Stats LLC (later Stats Perform), saw him grow from being writer and editor to serving as manager of the Editorial and Research/Insights groups.

Supervised the production of content worth $5-$10 million in annual revenue, growing profits by regularly collaborating with sales staffers as well as engineering, marketing and executive teams to implement efficient, effective solutions. 

Served as human resources specialist. Has a deep understanding of developing successful teams and partnerships, focused on quality control and increased communication. 

Former writer and editor with The Associated Press and ESPN SportsTicker.  

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