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Product engineering and development services

Nuvento is an end-to-end enterprise IT solutions provider, whose wealth of expertise helps IT business to get off the ground quickly with robust IT systems and solutions. Our product development solution are scalable, cost-efficient and built to solve real-world business problems. We ideate, design, develop, assess and launch products with respect to expectations, keeping critical factors like costs and timelines in mind. So, whatever be your business idea, we’re ready to give it wings!  

We study your requirement down to the smallest detail, to develop a basic and efficient framework for the productOnce the MVP is developed, we spend more time to understand your specific needs to implement measures aimed at making the project a success. This allows you to build value for your product in the early stages and envision how future development should be planned to bring out the best version of the product.  

Product Engineering Services from Nuvento

Product conceptualization

This stage involves sharing of ideas for the product. Our product engineering consulting team will think along with you to develop a basic plan for your product. Nuvento’s experts will work together with you to define problems, explore solutions and define the usability of your product.

MVP and prototype management

Experts at Nuvento will develop for you the most basic version of your product, which can be released in the market. We then learn the needs of your customers and further improve on the prototype to deliver a successful product.

Re-engineering and technology migration

We undertake a complete assessment of your current technology framework to understand gaps in your system. We then detail out the roadmap for change, re-engineer the framework to deliver desired results and migrate your technology to a modern framework.

Architecture design

We assess your product architecture and define the changes that need to be carried out to build a scalable model. We then sit with you to understand the scope of the product usage to design the full product architecture. Lastly, we validate and test the built models.

Technology consultation

Our startup IT solutions consultants will offer guidance at every stage – from conceptualization to solution delivery – to create customized solutions according to your startup’s requirements and within your budgets. By clearly defining concepts and strategies at the early stages, we increase your chances of success.

Quality assurance and testing

We understand the need to build quality software products with low risk of failure. Our QA and testing services encompass efficient and foolproof methodologies to test the stability, performance and quality of your product.


Product engineering for a talent

and recruitment organization

A leading recruitment agency aimed to build a complete end-to-end recruitment and talent digital platform that’d let them find, sort and pre-vet talent and assign them to the right client. They wanted to have a multi-tenant platform for the companies, bringing together recruiting agency, BGC agencies, vetting agencies, and candidates. The client wanted hiring teams to find in this platform an easy solution that brought them as well as internal as well as external job seekers together helping hiring teams find the most suitable talent for the position.

The solution we developed was an end-to-end talent and recruitment platform where multiple roles in a hiring environment came together to help organizations and skilled workers find pre-vetted talent and right job respectively. A major differentiator of the platform had to be how trust and quality outcomes were inherent in the form of multiple processes that helped recruiters and job seekers find the most suitable talent and jobs in the market.

AI-powered recruitment platform with cloud-secured deliverance

Improved quality of hires

Transparent system functioning for easing process

Trainable AI models deployed to quicken end-to-end recruitment processes

Why choose Nuvento? 

Rich in experience

Our collective experience of 100 years in the field of IT solutions delivery and technology gives us an edge in providing startup product development services and solutions, giving them a great head start in a competitive market.

Client confidentiality

We understand the importance of confidentiality as the market grows more competitive. So, we pull out all stops to ensure your product idea and information is kept confidential, and data is secure.


We realize that startups have financial constraints and a challenging path ahead. We, therefore, leverage our deep expertise to cost-efficiently build the best solutions for them to get started and guide them on their growth path.

Flexibility in execution

We realize there could be uncertainties in the path ahead and we'll support you in sorting it out by flexibly towards enabling your goals. We’ll work around your evolving specifications to build the product that brings you results.

End-to-end solution capability

Our solutions pack a punch given our deep technology expertise and creative solutions delivery. Right from ideation to development and product support, we’ll power your product through to realization.

Onsite teams

Our presence in New Jersey and Kansas is a factor that young entrepreneurs appreciate. It makes us more approachable, enables us to work on-site with them when required and makes interactions and exchange of ideas simpler.


What is an MVP?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is the most basic form or feature that businesses will use to gather feedback during the product development phase. An MVP should solve the core problem the value proposition aims to address and demonstrate value to customers.

How do you build an MVP?

For the successful development of an MVPthere must clarity around specific aspects related to why it’s being built. Some of the questions you need to have defined answers to are: 

  • Which is the target audience of the product? 
  • What part of it can be used for testing? 
  • What is the value proposition of the product? 
  • What exact problem is it solving? 
  • How is the product enabling the value proposition? 
  • How does it stand out from the competition? 
  • How will the product generate revenue? 
  • What are the chances of the product succeeding in the market? 
  • When can it be launched? 
What are the different MVP development methodologies?

We approach MVP development with Agile methodology, which divides the development project into sprints. Our MVP development delivery model usually consists of 6 sprints and would take precisely 3-4 months to develop. However, most projects would have to be thoroughly studied for a precise assessment.  

What is the core expertise and industry expertise of the team working on my project?

Nuvento can power your software product solutions with our deep expertise in AI, BI, Cloud and Data management; and oucross-industry experience enables us to power your solutions no matter which industry you belong to 

Why is an MVP important?

An MVP enables startups to validate an idea, test assumptions, show the potential of the product and most importantly gain feedback on the idea.  

How much time and money will it take to develop an MVP?

Nuvento’s experienced team works within fixed timelines and costs that will be decided when the project is taken up and you’d have to pay on fixed milestone deliveries and project deliveries.  

Would I have complete control over the developers developing my MVP?

Yes, Nuvento’s transparent working models will allow you complete access to the resources working on your projects. Based on discussions with our team, you can decide which working models suits your specific requirement and we’ll flex ourselves to meet them.

What are the project management tools used for collaboration?

Nuvento’s product engineering solutions teams use industry-standard project management tools like Jira, Slack and Microsoft Teamswhere you can track and monitor how your project progresses with time. These tools allow you complete control and transparency into your projects. 



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