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One platform to enable you most critical data workloads

Nuvento + Snowflake

One platform to enable you most critical data workloads


Snowflake delivers the power and simplicity required to store and analyze an organization’s data from a single location. By combining the potential of data warehousing, flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud, Snowflakes unique architecture makes it easy for enterprises to realize reduced operational costs, bring down reporting time and a lot more.


Nuvento’s vast experience in data management and business intelligence combined with Snowflake’s data warehouse architecture allows for seamless data movement throughout the enterprise.

One data warehouse platform for all your workloads


Data exchange

Cut through the data silos by sharing governed access to your data across your organization with your own data exchange and deliver unparalleled collaboration.

  • Easy access to live organizational data
  • Govern access to your data
  • Make data discovery easy

Data engineering

Quickly ingest, transform and deliver all your data for fast and detailed insights. Spend little to no time managing infrastructure, avoiding tasks like capacity planning and concurrency handling.

  • Batch and continuous data pipelines for all your data formats.
  • Performance at scale with tailored transformation needs.
  • Simplified architecture and data transformation

Data science

Seamlessly integrate and support machine learning libraries and tools data scientists rely on. Cut the time it takes for them to search for and prepare data.

  • Quick access to trusted data
  • Fast engineering
  • Single data platform for ML tools

Data warehouse modernization

Reliable, fast and secure access to all your data on the modern cloud data warehouse that lets you accelerate your analytics and more.

  • Access to all your data
  • Secure, private and governed data
  • Simple SQL analytics

Enable your developers

Make the development processes easier with simplified data pipelines and improved engineering efficiency. Simplify infrastructure complexity to focus on innovating with your applications.

  • Automatic scaling
  • Native support for semi-structured data
  • Simplified workflows

Insights from your Data Lake

Enable and enhance your data lake strategy with cloud-built architecture that meet your unique needs. Get rapid data access, query performance and data transformation in a governed and secure environment.

  • Run fast queries atop your data lake
  • Quick transformation of your data
  • Get more from built-in security and governance

How Snowflake makes organizations succeed

Quick access to data cloud

Secure access to the data cloud to share live data with your customers and business partners. Connect with other organizations doing business as data consumers, data providers and data service providers.

Single platform, single cloud

Integrate, analyze and share data from its silos in a secure, governed and compliant manner. Get these benefits through a seamless data experience that joins multiple cloud and their different geographical areas.

Creating enterprises built on data

Enable data-driven decision, and modern and integrated data-based applications in your enterprise as well as for your customers. Generate new revenue streams based on data.

Really manage your data

Improve scalability of dedicated computing resources for every user and workload. Get the deepest insights from your data to best serve your customers and unveil new opportunities.



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