There is a whole lot of giddying innovation happening in the Identity and Access Management Space. Come, meet us and know about it at all at the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2018.

Interview with CEO

Digital is more than Tech, it’s a mindset

Nuvento helps you build super user stories by reimaging traditional models with faster Digital Solutions. A true Digital leader must have a collaborative ecosystem that integrates customers, employees with data intensive intelligence, secured and optimized operation. We help customers achieve this by providing them with the best tech for Digital Platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud.

Building differentiators
for our Tech Partners.

A digital leader needs an agile tech partner. We are proud partners of the leading Digital Technology providers in Data, Analytics, AI, CIAM and Cloud space.

Core Focus Area

Applied AI

Analytics & Applied AI, Amplify your Business Intelligence with the power of AI & Analytics. Transform into an intelligent enterprise by incorporating AI & Analytics into critical business functions.

Digital Platform

Agile Digital Platforms, Achieve risk-free results through faster collaboration. Create an intelligent network of people, processes and technology to weave new digital experiences.


Break free from the rigidity of on-prem computing. Give your business the flexibility, scalability and affordability with the various models of cloud computing like PaaS, IaaS & SaaS.


Manage electronic or digital identities with user access privileges, role-based access controls, task-based controls and so on to meet the broad security and administration objectives of your enterprise.


Achieve cost-efficiencies by automating repetitive and recurring processes that consume too much manual time and resources with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

AI based Chatbot

Nuvva – The AI-based chatbot in a single platform with features like Intent analysis, Context analysis, Sentiment analysis, feedback loop, timeout analysis, keyword analyses, photo sorter and voice assistance.


Our Clients

From just-founded enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, we have helped a whole lot of enterprises reach
their digital goals. Now, it is your turn. Take the digital leap with us.

Scale up your business to unseen heights.

Partner with us to craft new products, experiences & prototypes; We promise Enhanced value, we help you to be different from competition with increased revenue in our digital economy.


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Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Consumer Identity & Access Management
  • Digital Transformation / Digitial Applications
  • Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things
  • Social and Mobile
  • Datacenter virtualization
  • Cloud computing
  • Cloud security
  • Infrastructure and Platform As A Service (IaaS, PaaS)

Manoj Manathumaril
Managing Director

Employee testimonials

“Been with Nuvento for 5 years. Currently managing a team of dba & Informatica. I Like the brand because it gives a family feeling. We have an energetic team, we have a Very good bonding. Nuvento is a great workplace with lots of opportunities for Career development.”

Seby Philip

Seby Philip


“Been with Nuvento for 10 years. We have a very agile team, we adopt the latest technologies and master them, deliver projects on time, be it application development or other project activities. We engage our employees. We have an initiative called Nuvento Buzz. We do a lot of charity and is completely managed by employees. We give a lot of importance to sports especially cricket, football etc and we promote people and their interests in arts sports and other extracurricular activities. Nuvento is a great place to work, grow and learn.”

Mohanakannan Pullat Kadavath

Mohanakannan Pullat Kadavath