Success came quickly, thanks to a mixture of talent. A technological environment which encourages enterprises to innovate.

Nuvento is a Gold Partner of Microsoft. As a Premier Partner of Microsoft, we are able to leverage the features of Microsoft Product suite to deliver Digital Capabilities to our customers. Our core focus over the years has been to build products and frameworks by specifically leveraging the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) platform, to create strong speed-to-market scenarios. Our certified experts have a high level of technical proficiency in the Microsoft Product suite and are well trained to utilize our in-house frameworks to deliver exceptional solutions that are pervasively mobile, connected, intelligent (with the use of advanced analytics), and deployed securely over the cloud.

Our core focus areas include

  • Digital Enablement (Digital Workforce, Digital Workplace, Mobility)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Chatbots, Image Analytics, Video Analytics)
  • Advanced Analytics (Sentiment Analysis, NLP, Machine Learning)
  • Azure Cloud as IaaS, PaaS based deployments
  • Business Intelligence

Our technology focus includes

  • Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services/ SQL Server Analysis Services /SQL Server Integration Services
  • Office 365 Platform / Microsoft SharePoint
  • Power BI

As part of its offering, Nuvento has developed strong intellectual properties in terms of frameworks and products that enable faster time to market. These include

  • ETL Center – Is a web-based ETL Management Platform designed for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) users. The product allows for easier scheduling of tasks, error handling, the audit of logs and seamless management of ETL tasks built using SSIS.
  • Nuvento Digital Framework –  Nuvento Digital Framework is a pre-built Digital Workspace system which enables faster prototyping, the REST API based system is easily integrated with other platforms.
  • Edu-Health Platform – Is a Student health management system that manages student health records at a centralized repository, the digital platform allows nurses to easily track a students medication needs, provide remedial steps and manage prescriptions.
  • The Nuvva Chatbot – is a Chatbot developed by Nuvento on Microsoft Azure.