Privacy Policy

Scope and Objective

Nuvento LLC and its affiliated companies are strongly devoted to protecting your Privacy. It is your basic right to learn and understand why we need your personal information and what we do with it while you visit any of our location-specific websites. Objective of this privacy policy is to make you aware of the practices we follow to ensure your information privacy. Also we are careful enough to avoid any disputes which may arise when you share your information with us. Here are the main points which comes under this Privacy Policy:

How we collect your personal information:

We collect your personal information whenever you register with our website to download white papers, receive newsletters, getting demo, attend webinars, or any other correspondence you wish to have with us. For example, when you login to some of our web applications or fill up forms we collect your personal information.

Type of Personal Information Collected:

Your name in full, address, contact number, e-mail id, your expertise, your social media addresses, preferences and professional interests.

Cookies/Web Beacons:

We use cookies or web beacons and related technologies with your permission to analyse your site activities so that we can share useful information with you. Cookies are used for data retrieval especially to customise the web pages. Web beacon is another technique used on webpages to check the activity of users on the webpage mainly for the purpose of web analytics. Social media sites use these technologies to understand user behavior online.

How to Unsubscribe/Remove your details from our records:

We collect your information to send you the latest service updates and provide customer support. We need your information for marketing analytics/research and similar marketing related activities which includes sending promotional messages. If you wish, you can unsubscribe anytime by sending an e-mail to

Information sharing:

We might share your personal information to our business partners/third-party only when you give explicit consent to such sharing. We ensure your information is not misused in anyway with the help of strict security measures designed to prevent unauthorized access/processing of your personal information.

Social Media Policy:

We ensure there is no mis-use of any of your information via social media networks linked to our webpage. Your personally identifiable information will not be used by any remarketing services, you will receive the product/service offers based on information shared with us based on your consent.

Third Party Websites

This website may or may not contain links to other websites which are not related to Nuvento. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites. You are advised to learn the privacy practices of those websites to keep your personal information safe.

Changes to this Privacy policy

This policy would be updated regularly and any changes would be updated in this page.

Write to Us ( in case of any doubts or queries with regard to this Privacy Policy.

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