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How we helped the third largest P&C insurer in the US successfully design a data warehouse and BI system


The client had 26 data sources consisting of their e-commerce platform and ERP and with rising competition, providing personalized customer experiences was pertinent for growth. But they were facing challenges in ensuring data quality and reporting.

    • The They had 35 lines of business, each with its own hierarchy and unique reporting lines
    • Inefficiencies in the data change process due to disintegration between the legacy systems and new technologies
    • Information in multiple versions stored in disparate data silos
    • Large volumes of organizational data reaching close to 10 terabytes
    • Lack of clarity and accountability for managing the complete delivery of the BI project
    • Senior management had no basis for evaluating the return on investment (ROI) for the BI solution


Nuvento worked with the management and the analyst/operations team to identify the needs of each team and define enterprise KPI/ Core Parameters. We conducted an in-depth study of their infrastructure ecosystem first and adopted a multi-pronged strategy based on it. We created a plan for data management and ETL process optimization, and customized report generation for end-to-end reporting to provide visibility and optimize their operations. The key considerations included accommodating future regulatory changes and managing new systems and channels due to large M&A in the area. The proposed solution spanned across every level of organization data. The solutions covered 30,000 people with more than 35 different business divisions that include liability, casualty, fire, theft, commercial, workers’ compensation, and coverage

We built a centralized data warehouse and performance scorecards integrating 32 data sources across 35 lines of business (covering 16,000 users, 2 million Annual Claims, and 40 million data transaction points).

Centralized data warehouse

We built a centralized data warehouse bringing down the volumes of data to 6 terabytes organized into Star Schema. To ensure effective synchronization of all data, we deployed Nuvento’s Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) centre.

Self-service data portal

The solution also included a 75-parameter self-service data portal that allowed analysts to ingest data and build analytical data models for operations optimization, claims forecasting, capacity planning, etc.

Performance management framework

We built a balanced scorecard to monitor and implement strategy maps covering auto, commercial, property, and workers’ compensation lines. The metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were created based on 4 million claims with more than 200 million transactional activities on a yearly basis.

Integrated reporting

Implemented Oracle BI Suite for reporting across all lines of business and enabled easy creation of self–service reports with the use of best BI tools. The reports have the flexibility to drill down according to the needs of business users.


    • $2.5 Million in savings per year realized from cost and process efficiencie
    • Saved the expense spent on Operations, Infrastructure, etc
    • 20% increased productivity among claims representatives
    • Reduced turnaround time for new scorecards to less than 5 days
    • 30% process improvement
    • Data synchronization across all business lines
    • 100% Adoption of Performance Scorecards

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