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Want simple solutions to complex problems with technology? Crafted by industry analysts, technical experts, and tech consultants, our whitepapers can guide you to understand and solve a variety of problems that you encounter in your journey of digital transformation.

How to solve business challenges in 2022 with Azure?

Technology and businesses are evolving and are faced with new challenges every day. What are some of the major business challenges to expect in 2022 and how can you use Azure cloud to overcome them?

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Cloud Readiness Assessment 

A cloud readiness assessment helps you understand where you are on your cloud journey and design a successful cloud migration strategy. How do you conduct an effective cloud migration assessment?

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Designing a Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters can be natural, technical, or human induced. Earthquakes, floods, and fires are naturally occurring disasters while a power failure is a technical disaster. Cyberattacks like ransomware or inadvertent misconfigurations are human-induced disasters.

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AWS and Azure compete in private 5G

Private 5G networks are a type of mobile network that can operate on licensed, unlicensed, or shared spectrum and are designed to augment existing capabilities and introduce new capabilities that other systems cannot support.

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Cloud data lake challenges

Data lake provides strategic advantages over traditional data architectures but also comes with a lot of challenges. This whitepaper discusses challenges with implementing data lakes and how to overcome them.

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Is your business ready for the AI era?

How can you ensure that you deploy and use AI in ways that add value and drive business growth? Explore how your organization can prepare for AI adoption and integrate AI successfully to maximize ROI and retain a competitive edge.

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